"And out of such not-knowing comes an ask so stunning and wretched I'm left to quiver, as if I were a humming arrow waiting to be unleashed by Mystery's hand. An ask to surrender my plans while simultaneously dreaming with the world from unknown places within me. This ask plants me in the fecund humus of my life, and reminds me that my life belongs to the world."

Amanda Fiorino

Are you ready to embody your mythic medicine?

There are endless pathways that lead us toward remembrance and transformation.

Grief as an Ally of Emergence

Latest Collaboration with The Mythic Masculine

"A participation that expresses itself through devotional acts of submission to the divine immensity before us that we might feel our smallness as a seed of immense possibility. A seed that is nourished by our ululational affrications of Grief's ancient incantations spoken through our tears, screams, moans, howls, bent spines, curled toes, whipping limbs, and susurrated throats. 

Worshipped in personified forms through cosmogonic narratives*, and recognized as an earthen birthright, our ancestors and more-than-human kin understand the ways Grief enables our storying-with the world. For Grief pulls us back like an undertow to ever-renewed places of belonging. A kind of belonging that longs for disfigurement, and understands its essentialness for birthing a holy and yet-to-be-known story of the world. 

What was once fixed begins to move, and those movements, like hooves to wet soil, shift the shape of what was toward something that might be."



Somatic Pathways to Soul

Nov 2020 - April 2021

We will be decolonizing our bodies and relational ways of being with the world, healing civilization trauma, becoming feral bodied, and cultivating emotional resiliency, tenacity, and intelligence. You will be invited to re-mythologize your story, honor your ancestors - yours and those of the land where you live, and re-member that your relationship with Earth is a sacred gift.  Diving deeply into the Soul depths of your Mythos in your body, you may hear what is being asked of you sovereignly and communally at this time.

We're limiting participants to 12 in order to dive deeply in an intimate and powerfully held container that is both trauma-informed and based on the alchemical process of mythic-somatic transmutation - a re-shaping and -weaving of yourself into the Golden Web of Life. We are here to support the cultivation of psycho-spiritually resilient agency amidst uncertainty and collapse, as well as to encourage accountability for the sacred life we have been entrusted with.


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Darlings, shapeshifters, dreamers, conjurers, one’s gestating in the anarchic womb of transformation - the world has been rolling out waves of great change. More is being asked of us in these uncertain and tempestuous times.

Great transitions are afoot, and they will not wait for our readiness. If you are feeling the edges of your own personal unraveling and shapeshifting amidst the global cascade of change, and you are in need of support my earthen office is open. 


Working one-on-one can be an invaluable experience, and provides you with the opportunity to really dive into the dynamic unfolding of your life. Individual sessions will enable you to go deeper into the depths of what is unknown and what is revealing itself to you. Sessions also provide the space for you to integrate the kinds of psychospiritual resources that enable resiliency and an ongoing ability to respond to our ever-changing and destabilizing landscape. .


Such reverent work often resides in the places and spaces of our lives where transitions are afoot. Transitions that can present as loss, death, upheaval, psychospiritual dismemberment, severance, relational unraveling, or the slow (sometimes rapid) crumbling of who we thought ourselves and our world to be. These transitioning spaces punctuate what we have been and what we are to become. They are liminal chasms that both un-make who we are, and re-shape who we are becoming. A becoming that is also a re-membrance of our purpose and place of belonging.


My work as mentor and guide is supporting you in allowing such shifts to occur - to help you be in-formed and trans-formed by your worldly entanglement.


Please know in these times that I will be meeting you where you are: psychospiritually, financially, & geographically. 


Sessions are available virtually. The world needs all of us to show up from soul-rooted places of participation. Our communities need us to cultivate the kind of psychospiritual resiliency that enables collective visioning amidst the collapse.


To embody your mythic medicine is to re-member that what we think, feel, imagine, embody, and dream arises from an attunement to the natural rhythms of the Earth.

Rhythms that are expressed through the cyclic pattern of birth, death, and rebirth, allowing for deep growth and evolution.


    Cultivating Soul-Rooted Pathways

             with Michael Ostrolenk

Return of the Chthonic Mothers

with Adi Shakti

Now is the time, dear one, to offer your mythic medicine to the world. The Earth is calling

out to you, longing for your gifts. Longing for your story to be fully embodied.

Soul Musings from Mythic Ground

Feral Lunacy

We are living in unpredictable and urgent times. Amnesia has swept across the land, and agents of cultural renaissance are banging the drums of change and remembrance. Dreammaker is working tirelessly on behalf of Mystery to initiate and ready us for our mythopoetic medicine. The Earth is heaving and writhing, perhaps in the hopes that we’ll remember our place of belonging.

Are you listening? Can you hear the grinding wheels of the industrial machine bellowing thick, acrid smoke into the biosphere of the Anima Mundi? Have you seen the bees squirming in pain on the pavement after they have been poisoned by pesticides? What of the mutations suffered by oceanic lifeforms? Can you hear the whales crying? Do your lungs gasp for breath as more trees are cut down? Is your skin cracking just at the thought of the rainforest disappearing, and along with it, the rains?

Gaian Journey to Soul

Whole worlds, new and familiar, can be explored. Felt just as strongly by the body, and moving us just as deeply if not more toward terror and delight. Revelatory and insightful, dreams have played a crucial role in the development of human culture for thousands of years. Influencing humanity’s mythological and cosmological pursuits, dreams expose us to the potential of our own limitlessness. Reverberating the eternal and infinite, our finite and temporal form takes flight through an exquisite realm of imagination. Within this realm of imagination, we might find ourselves speaking in lunar tongues, swimming through a sea of kaleidoscopic stars, running surefooted upon ten tentacled legs, devouring purple mushrooms grown from the soil of Jupiter, riding atop the back of a mangled and hairy beast, walking beneath crystallized waves of a silver ocean, playing cards with a cackling goddess, or running from a howling banshee that has not left us alone since the age of five.

Surrender to the Shadow Goddesses

When I hear the words “exhale out anything that does not serve you,” I feel the tug and pull of Rainer Maria Rilke’s words from his body of work “Letters to a Young Poet.” He asks the reader, “why do you want to shut out of your life any uneasiness, any misery, any depression, since after all you do not know what work these conditions are doing inside you?” Indeed, why do you? Western culture is one guided by an emotional philosophy that is both fragmented and underdeveloped. Retreat and escape are sought in the “lighter” emotions, such as joy and happiness, where emotions such as sorrow, grief, anger, guilt and shame are cast into the shadow. Relegated to the dominion of the unconscious, these “dark emotions” breathe in the lightless air like a flame devouring oxygen. They grow, and swell, and seek opportunities to be heard and expressed. Stewarding the process of integration and reconciliation, the...

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