"Our journey is different; our stories are all our own. It's more than time we told our own stories, outlined our journeys for ourselves. We don't need Heroes to tell us who to be."

~Sharon Blackie

Greetings, Mythic One's, and Welcome!

Welcome to the virtual habitat of Wild Earth Medicine where I offer space for connection, community, and a tending of the spiraling pathways that lead us toward re-membrance and personal & collective transformation.


Wild Earth Medicine is a place for those curious about the deeper mystery of their lives. For those who have heard the call beckoning them toward a life lived with radical authenticity. For those who long to wander their mythic ground, and gather the rich and abundant images, dreams, numinous encounters, somatic and cellular memories, sacred experiences, traumas and woundings, threads of shadow, relationships, deaths, and births that comprise the larger story of our distinctive lives.

A story so vast that it takes our whole life to live our way into it.

This is a place and space for those who are ready to offer up the smaller story of their life,

and step into the larger story awaiting embodiment and expression.

This is a place and space for those who are ready to live in service of the Earth!

We are living at a pivotal moment in time, and now more than ever the world is in desperate need of our gifts -

our Mythic Medicine. A medicine that is both culturally divergent and ecologically emergent. Informed by the teeming web of life we are privileged to be a part of, our Mythic Medicine lives within the soft animal of our bodies. Nestled within a sea of longing, it announces its presence and desire for form and expression through the aches we feel in our bones, the breaking open of our hearts, the riotous grief that rolls out of our mouths, the ravenous hunger that churns in our bellies, the dreams that shake us awake in a cold sweat, and the inexplicable encounters we have with the more-than-human world.

Have you heard the call that lives within the songs of whales, the hum of bees, the rustling of leaves? Can you feel the way the vegetal ground beneath your feet sends shoots of remembrance up through your legs, coursing through

your hips, spiraling deep within your belly, and permeating your heart?

Remembrance of the spectacular way in which you inhabit and in-form the world.

Are you ready to embody your mythic medicine?

There are endless pathways that lead us toward remembrance and transformation.


Our relationship to these times, and our understanding of what is at stake carries a particular note within the orchestra of this Great Unraveling and Great Turning. What can happen when Mothers gather, braiding the many voices of the Earth together, strengthening the presence and articulation of this note? Would you like to find out with me?

This Council of Mothers is a space for all of us to come together to express our deepest grief, joy, ecstasy, dreams, visions, hopes, and fears. It is a place to be seen and heard. A place where each of us, through our own readiness and willingness, can stretch beyond our own edges, and take the kinds of risks that invite and initiate us into our power and medicine for the world. And perhaps out of such a potent cauldron, not only will we brew medicine for the world, we might also tread new trails for future mothers to follow. 

A Council of Mothers

Mask Making

October 19, 2019  I  9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  I  $25 per person

In this playshop, you will be crafting your own mask to either invoke a particular consciousness and embody threads of your deeper mythic story, OR to draw yourself into more conscious relationship with a mask you have been wearing that you don’t wish to wear anymore. A mask that you might, should the time feel right, offer to fire during the Fire Dance.

October 19  I  4 p.m. - 8 p.m.  I  $25 per person

This Womxn’s Fire Dance is an invitation for remembrance. Remembering the instinctive and intuitive brilliance that resides within the skin, muscle, bones, and beating heart of your body.

Womxn's Fire Dance


You may participate in one or both!


Bed down beneath the stars with us in the ranch's beautiful bell tents. Listen to the whinny of the hoofed ones. Let the juniper whisper secrets to you. Invite the ravens to make mischief out of your wonder. Help us weave and dream a new way of belonging to the world.

Equine-Informed Experiential Sessions

Conversation with the Land

Council of Horse & Human

Movement & Meditation

Nature-based experiences

and more!

Dream of the Earth

To embody your mythic medicine is to re-member that what we think, feel, imagine, embody, and dream arises from an attunement to the natural rhythms of the Earth.

Rhythms that are expressed through the cyclic pattern of birth, death, and rebirth, allowing for deep growth and evolution.

Remember & Shapeshift

Are you ready to commit yourself to the great work of your own becoming? Are you ready to respond to the call beckoning you to dive deeper through your wild mythic ground? Do you yearn to remember and embody the mystery of your own existence?

Fields of Becoming

Play is a restoration of innocence, and our innocence is a necessary component in cultivating connection - meaningful, soulful, heartfelt connection. There is a wisdom that soars, alighting and delighting in the vast, expansive nature of a life lived playfully, full of curiosity and wonder

Mythic Immersion

Dream of the Earth Retreat

Bed down beneath the stars with us in the ranch's beautiful bell tents. Listen to the whinny of the hoofed ones. Let the juniper whisper secrets to you. Invite the ravens to make mischief out of your wonder. Help us weave and dream a new way of belonging to the world.

Now is the time, dear one, to offer your mythic medicine to the world. The Earth is calling

out to you, longing for your gifts. Longing for your story to be fully embodied.

Soul Musings from Mythic Ground

We are living in unpredictable and urgent times. Amnesia has swept across the land, and agents of cultural renaissance are banging the drums of change and remembrance. Dreammaker is working tirelessly on behalf of Mystery to initiate and ready us for our mythopoetic medicine. The Earth is heaving and writhing, perhaps in the hopes that we’ll remember our place of belonging.

Are you listening? Can you hear the grinding wheels of the industrial machine bellowing thick, acrid smoke into the biosphere of the Anima Mundi? Have you seen the bees squirming in pain on the pavement after they have been poisoned by pesticides? What of the mutations suffered by oceanic lifeforms? Can you hear the whales crying? Do your lungs gasp for breath as more trees are cut down? Is your skin cracking just at the thought of the rainforest disappearing, and along with it, the rains?

Feral Lunacy

Whole worlds, new and familiar, can be explored. Felt just as strongly by the body, and moving us just as deeply if not more toward terror and delight. Revelatory and insightful, dreams have played a crucial role in the development of human culture for thousands of years. Influencing humanity’s mythological and cosmological pursuits, dreams expose us to the potential of our own limitlessness. Reverberating the eternal and infinite, our finite and temporal form takes flight through an exquisite realm of imagination. Within this realm of imagination, we might find ourselves speaking in lunar tongues, swimming through a sea of kaleidoscopic stars, running surefooted upon ten tentacled legs, devouring purple mushrooms grown from the soil of Jupiter, riding atop the back of a mangled and hairy beast, walking beneath crystallized waves of a silver ocean, playing cards with a cackling goddess, or running from a howling banshee that has not left us alone since the age of five.

Gaian Journey to Soul

When I hear the words “exhale out anything that does not serve you,” I feel the tug and pull of Rainer Maria Rilke’s words from his body of work “Letters to a Young Poet.” He asks the reader, “why do you want to shut out of your life any uneasiness, any misery, any depression, since after all you do not know what work these conditions are doing inside you?” Indeed, why do you? Western culture is one guided by an emotional philosophy that is both fragmented and underdeveloped. Retreat and escape are sought in the “lighter” emotions, such as joy and happiness, where emotions such as sorrow, grief, anger, guilt and shame are cast into the shadow. Relegated to the dominion of the unconscious, these “dark emotions” breathe in the lightless air like a flame devouring oxygen. They grow, and swell, and seek opportunities to be heard and expressed. Stewarding the process of integration and reconciliation, the dark emotions, these “conditions,” must first be allowed to pull us apart.

Surrender to the Shadow Goddesses

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