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Amanda is a nature-based guide, somatic ecologist and educator, yoga teacher (E-RYT), writer & poet, horsewoman, and mother. Awake to the living and embodied presence of her ancestors, she continues to listen to and is guided by her Passamaquoddy (Peskotomuhkati), Greek, Macedonian, Sicilian and Celtic ancestry. As an agent of the mythopoetic mystery of our shared and collective existence, she calls upon dreams, myth, body-based intelligence, death & dying, grief, wounds & trauma, shadow, the feral feminine, and that which has been banished and oppressed by cultural systems of industrialization and colonization to conjure a new way of belonging to the world.


Wandering the outskirts of Western culture, her senses remain alert and attentive to the longing of those who have grown tired of living a small life. A life whose comforts and ease muffle the mythic creature calling each of us inward with the hope that we'll re-member our purpose and place within the Earth community. A purpose and place that amplifies a hunger and thirst that can no longer be satiated or quenched by current ways of being. She listens for the ache and song of those who seek a more grand and meaning-full way of belonging to a world filled with heartbreak and wonder. A way of belonging that is both culturally divergent and ecologically emergent, and in-formed by one's sacred and profane encounters with the relational web of life.


Amanda's journey has included advocacy for human and women's rights, social activism within her local community, founding and directing a former women's non-profit (Empower Shakti International), as well as leading trainings internationally with focuses on health, mindfulness, somatic inquiry and experiencing, and women's leadership & empowerment through the collective efforts of local community members. Her guiding is trauma-informed, and centers around the brilliance and genius of relationship - with a particular passion for inter-species and trans-species relating. She believes that we may only come to know and understand our purpose and place in the world through the vast, dynamic, and ever-fluctuating relationships that make up the Eco-concentric circles of our belonging.


Supported by a lifetime of personal experience and over 17 years of formal training & apprenticing within various traditions and fields of study, Amanda's work is a synthesis of: 

  • integrative and holistic medicine

  • meditation and contemplative practices

  • yoga within the Hatha and Tantra traditions

  • mindfulness and mindfulness-based practices

  • somatic inquiry, experiencing, and tracking

  • pan-cultural traditions

  • neuroscience based-practices

  • eco-depth and archetypal psychology

  • inter-species communication

  • equine-informed inquiry and experiencing

  • mythology and cosmology

  • storytelling and story-weaving

  • ancestral crafting & artistry

  • art & writing mediums

  • dream work

  • grief work

  • shadow & projection work

  • death and dying (certified Death Doula)

  • degrees in cultural anthropology, women's studies, and English literature & criticism

While her work continues to evolve, she is currently training with Bill Plotkin PhD of Animas Valley Institute, and is studying with Bayo Akomolafe through his course We Will Dance With Mountains.