Remember & Shapshift

"If you had a temple in the secret spaces of your heart,
What would you worship there?
What would you bring to sacrifice?
What would be behind the curtain in the holy of holies? 

Go there now."

~Tom Barrett

Mentorship & One-on-One Guiding

Mentoring One-on-One - Reverent Work of Shapeshifting

Working one-on-one can be an invaluable experience, and provides you with the opportunity to really dive into the dynamic unfolding of your life. Individual sessions will enable you to go deeper into the depths of what is unknown and what is revealing itself to you. It also allows me to track you more fully and with greater attention to the emerging story that carries your mythic medicine. Your purpose or way of belonging to the world.

Such reverent work often resides in the places and spaces of our lives where transitions are afoot. Transitions that can present as loss, death, upheaval, psychospiritual dismemberment, severance, relational unraveling, or the slow (sometimes rapid) crumbling of who we thought ourselves to be. These transitioning spaces punctuate what we have been and what we are to become. They are liminal chasms that both un-make who we are, and re-shape who we are becoming. A becoming that is also a re-membrance of our purpose and place of belonging. Profoundly and subtly in-forming our understanding of Self and the World, we are shapeshifted by these transitional spaces.


My work as mentor and guide is supporting you in allowing such shifts to occur - to help you be in-formed and trans-formed by your eco-concentric circles of relating that stem from ancestry, community, dreamtime, deep imaginal, the place(s) you live and more. I also assist you in embodying the deeper emergent story that contains the truth of who you are at your core. This emergent process of re-membering your purpose must find its way out of conceptual gestation, and come alive within your muscles, bones, blood and skin. Just as we are de-formed by the transitional spaces of our lives, we are also being re-formed and in-formed into something stunningly and achingly true, radical, and authentic.

Questions such as who am I, what's my purpose in life, where do I belong, what do I believe, or why do I exist become paramount. You may feel dizzied and confused, perhaps even excited and terrified by the pervasive feeling of not knowing and not having the answers. Or it may be that the questions you once asked are far too small for you now. You might even find yourself wondering where to begin?!

Your longing to live the deepest truth of who you are into the world permeates the cells of your body, and beckons you toward radical transformation

Individual Sessions - Devotional Pathways of Re-membrance

Individual sessions vary in focus depending on the nature of the transitional space you find yourself, and what is needed to continue being with what is ending and what is emerging.  In such spaces, I assist you in continuing to be in-formed and trans-formed by your experiences and relationships (human and more-than-human). To continue to let emotions, images, wounds, ancestral marks, shadow, dreams, and numinous encounters work you into a profoundly new shape.


Guidance is offered in areas of somatic experiencing & inquiry, embodiment, emotional fluency & congruence, grief and loss, trauma & wounding, shadow & projection, death & dying, psychospiritual resourcing, dreams, ceremony & ritual, and the longing that has gripped you and will not let you go.

Together we will co-create ceremonial pathways of engagement that weave a container for this ongoing work of your own belonging and remembering. In the hum and buzz of your daily living, mentorship becomes a devotional space where the sacred nectar of your life can be tended and turned into mythic honey. The pathways we choose together can range from embodiment and movement practices to invitations to wander the land and dreamwork; from artistic mediums and writing to trauma & wound tending and shadow work.

** Equine-Informed Sessions are also available - where you, myself, and my equine partner, Luca, work together through sacred inter-species relating. No experience with horses is necessary, and there is no riding involved. These sessions are in-person.

You matter! Your gifts are needed!

Your deeper mythos is a sacred contribution to a world that is both unraveling and being re-woven.

As mentor and guide, I want to know what it is that aches in your bones.... what keeps you up at night... what stalks you and courts you in your dreams... what vow it would kill you to break... what longing both terrifies you and compels you to stop living a small story. I want to know how you, in your distinctive way, can honor this one wild and precious life. I want to help bring you closer to the lit angel you desire to be. I want to help you reclaim what has been banished and exiled... to let the creature of you breathe, expand, and play.


As a member of the world, I want to see all the magnificent ways you can co-create and participate in the emerging cultural revolution that seeks to be in service to the larger web of life.

Scheduling & Fees

Mentoring sessions are available in person, over the phone, or through Skype & Zoom. In an attempt to make this work more accessible and available, sessions (75 minutes, 90 minutes upon request) are based off of sliding scale: $100 - $60. If this spectrum is still inaccessible for you at this time, please always reach out and discuss other options with me. This work is very important, and should be accessible for any and all who are ready and longing to dive in!

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