Embody Your Mythic Medicine

Wild Earth Medicine provides humans with opportunities to embody their mythic medicine. To embody is to re-member the deeper, sometimes hidden, and often forgotten, threads of your mythos. 

Mythos is a weaving together of the images, symbols, dreams, archetypes, numinous encounters, sacred relationships, ecological places, and other worlds that have courted and stalked you all your life, and will continue to do so until the day you die. Medicine is the particular gift that arises out of your mythos, enabling you to dream new possibilities for and with the Earth.

To embody your mythic medicine is to become an agent of cultural renaissance, a guardian of the land, a fine-tuned instrument whose song awakens those still asleep to the nature of our times.


Your mythic medicine grows out of the dynamic ecological body of the Earth, and is in-formed by it's cyclic transformations.  Seasonal shifts that encourage and support the deep work of remembrance, and call for each of us to submit ourselves to forgotten, new, and yet-to-be embodied possibilities.

Living through you, your mythic medicine is articulated in the ways that you move, speak, breathe, love, take up space, connect, and relate. It is the way that you participate as a poet, artist, creature, writer, alchemist, shapeshifter, teacher, mother, and more. Just as the river has its way, and the ocean has its way, and the wind has its way, you also have a way.

Teaming with impossible feats of beauty, life, and death, the Earth is calling out to us more than ever!

Are you listening? Can you hear the call?

In these urgent and unpredictable times, to live from the relational center of your own deep mythos,

your *chthonic particularity, your creaturely self, is a radical act.

*chthonios (Greek) - "of, in, or under the earth and the seas"

Your mythic medicine is an embodied expression of your own cultural divergence and ecological emergence.


Your mythic medicine is your wild earth calling. It is the story of your distinctive existence that

pulses and breathes within the story of the Earth. The world is in desperate need of your gifts, your passion,

your grief, your love, your dreams.


What is the Earth calling on you to be in this life?

Now is the time, Dear Ones, to dream impossible dreams.


To remember who you are!

This work of embodying your mythic medicine finds form and expression through various mediums, all of which are supported by experiential and nature-based journeys. Journey's that take place in one's deep imagination, dreams, and in the more-than-human world.